Mooncakes, Lanterns And Legends: Your Guide To The Mid-Autumn Festival In Singapore

It's that time of the experience the brightest glow of the full moon.
14 September 2020

So, the Mid-Autumn Festival happens this October 1st, 2020, which is the 15th day of the eighth month on the Lunar Calendar.

Despite the horrible ramifications of Covid, there are still some things worth looking forward to. A day filled with family, friends and laughter. Yes, the Mid-Autumn Festival — a celebration to mark the end of the Autumn harvest. The autumnal moon is believed to be the biggest and brightest than at any other time of year, and is traditionally associated with a bountiful harvest, thus this Chinese festival. But what’s it all about, and what do all those mooncakes mean?

By Pinky Chng, September 2017; Updated by Willaine G. Tan, September 2020. 

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