What To Do When You Lose Your Pet In Singapore

23 July 2019

Here’s what you have to do to reunite with your pet.

It’s the last thing you want to happen to your furkids, but here’s what you need to do if you lose your precious pet dog, as advised by the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) and Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD).

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1. If you lost it within the last few hours, immediately search the surrounding areas. Activate friends and family for help, and ask passers-by for clues.

Try to put yourself in your dog’s shoes, and think whether it will hide or continue running and search accordingly.

2. Call the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Singapore at 6287 5355, and Animal Response Centre (ARC) at 1800 4761600 to check if someone has found your dog.

Give a precise description of your pet, especially if it has distinctive physical or character traits.

If there are no signs of them, inform the relevant authorities. You should immediately inform the nearest police station, and the Centre for Animal Welfare Control (CAWC) at 1800 476 1600.

Provide information such as:
-where and when your pet was lost
-whether it has a collar and licence badge / ID tag
-your pet’s name, breed, age, sex, colour
-description of any special body markings

3. Next, you can put up flyers around the neighbourhood within one kilometre where you lost it, and at the veterinarian’s or pet shops.

The flyer should have a clear photograph of your dog (showing its front and side, if possible), the date and location where it was lost, its gender, size, colour, and any distinct physical or character traits. Don’t forget to include your contact details.

You should also search your neighbourhood and ask your neighbours for help.

4. Place an advertisement in the Straits Times Classified under the Lost and Found section (stating the date and location where it was lost, its gender, size, colour, and distinct physical or character traits).

Consider offering an undisclosed amount of reward for return of your pet or information leading to return of your pet.

You can also do so for online classifieds and forums, and Social Media platforms (such as Pet Lost & Found Singapore).

Do take them down once you found your missing pet.

More tips from SPCA

  • Small dogs can hide or get stuck in the most unlikely places, so search your home and garden thoroughly. Look behind the refrigerator, in the washing machine, laundry basket, drawers, wardrobes, and so. If you have a garden, look inside drainpipes, under empty flowerpots and up trees and rooftops.
  • Don’t give up searching, especially in the late evening because they are probably frightened and may hide during the day. Bring a flashlight to look into dark corners or drains. Take a box of your pet’s favourite food and shake it as you call out its name. If your pet has a squeaky toy, bring it along too.
  • Street cleaners, security guards, and children might have seen your pet so do stop to talk to them.

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By Muneerah Bee / Updated July 2019

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