Rent Or Buy? Everything You Wish Someone Told You About Property In Singapore

23 May 2017

For some expatriates, the choice to rent or buy in Singapore can be more than a little complicated.

“Your choice to own a property or rent a place to stay should not be dependent on whether the property market is doing well or not. The key thing is to look for the best deal that fulfils what you need,” says  Benny Koh, a consultant at a wealth management firm that specialises in real estate investments.

“If you have an immediate need to stay somewhere, try to avoid having a ‘wait and see’ attitude as that may result in you missing other opportunities. Sometimes, you just have to look for the next best option and come back to your preferred deal again in the future.”

That said, here are a few tips when it comes to finding your new home in Singapore, whether you’re renting or buying.

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