The Best Craft Beer Bars In Singapore You’re Missing Out On

10 June 2016

Craft beers, with their air of exclusivity and exotic ingredients, are going mainstream

At Maxwell Food Centre, the beer of choice to go with hawker food is usually Tiger, Heineken or Carlsberg. But with the opening of two-week-old stall 3rd Culture Brewing Co, which has five taps, a more exotic selection is available to the casual diner. Now you can wash down your chicken rice with a refreshing golden ale by French brewery Craig Allan or pair your supper with a hearty, hoppy Stone IPA from the United States. Craft beers, which have long been associated with hipsters and beer snobs, is a niche market in Singapore. An unofficial consensus among distributors is that craft beers make up only about 5 per cent of the beer drinking market here.

But there are signs that craft beers, with their small batch exclusivity and funky ingredients, are making their way into the heartland and into the mainstream. In the past few months, two other craft beer places have popped up.

The first is cult beer brand Mikkeller Bar from Copenhagen, which set up a bar in a container at Deck in Prinsep Street in the Bugis area.

The other new entrant is Freehouse in Boon Tat Street, which offers 16 craft beers on rotation and an extensive bottle list from all over the world.

They join at least five other new outfits in the past year, including liquor retail store Booze Pharma-C in Tiong Bahru, and The Armoury Gastrobar at South Beach and Tap at Capitol Piazza.


By Anjali Raguraman, The Straits Times, June 10, 2016


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